June 27, 2009

Dead Silence *New* Dollarbie Skin

Hey !

I´ve made a new Dollarbie Skin for you :)
It is a lil bit darker then usually.. This time it is a Sunburn Skin with imprints of a bikini and freckles on the face and all over the body..

Please wear the WEiRD DESiGNS Group Tag to buy this skin for 1L$ .. it is a Group only Dollarbie

Visit my Mainstore here to get the Skin

June 25, 2009

Two 20L Dresses !

Heeeeeeeeey everyone !

You know what?
I have two new Dresses for you at my Mainstore, i called them Seduction and made them in 2 colours.. Grey and Red.. each is a lil bit transparent and the skirt is resizable via script!
I Hope you like them :)

Take a look on the Skin that im wearing on the Pic... I´ve made it today too and may i release the skin soon and make a dollarbie these days.. Its with FRECKLES! <3

You can find the new 20L Dresses here !

June 21, 2009

The Hope Hunt+Race

Today begins the Hope Hund+Race to benifit the Relay for Life at 9 AM SLT , this is a two week hunt and it ends on July 4, 2009 .. All Proceeds go to Relay for Life..

You have to look for yellow Roses .. At my Mainstore you can find these five gifts in the yellow hope roses ..

For more info, please take a look on the Hope Hunt+Race Blog

June 18, 2009

*New* Dead Doll Dresses & Skin

Hey !

Five New Dresses and a new Skin are now available at the .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. Mainstore.

All called Dead Doll..
You can get the Dead Doll Dresses in five colous, every attachment is resizable via a script.. The Skirt is made with Sculpties and Sculpted Ribbons on it..

And this is the new Skin that i´ve made for the Dead Doll Dresses :

If you want them, you can get them here

June 16, 2009

New! Dead Silence Skins

Its a long time ago that i made new skins, thats why i thought that it is time for a new Skinline!

The new Skins are called Dead Silence..
They are available in two Skintones, Pale and Sunkissed and 16 Makeups..

Much more Makeups at Choice and more details on the Body..

I Hope you like them..
Please try a Demo at my Mainstore..
All Skins are at the 2nd Floor..

June 9, 2009

Two New Releases

Today i have two new Releases for you that are available now at my Mainstore..
This time i worked with much prims, so its a look worth! ;)

First is my Victorian Dream Outfit..

Included are : Bra, Bolero, Pants with Pants Cuffs, Shoulder Puffs, Sleeves, Choker, Ruffles on back and Spine, Belt and Umbrella with holding pose.

2nd Outfit is called Rebel

Included are : Shirt, Shorts with cuffs, Gloves, Striped Underpants, Scarf and belt..
Every attachmet on this outfit is resizable via script..

Take a look on them and all my other items at my Mainstore

June 3, 2009

Dead Ballerina Dresses are down..

I have to take down the Dead Ballerina Dresses,Knifes and Shoes,because i got a mail from LL "Notification of Copyright Infringement Received by Linden Lab"
I have to take them down or fill out a counter notification..
BUT i rather take them down because my rl-privacy is more important than a few dresses
I didn't copy the dress or textures. all of the Dead Ballerina Dresses are made by myself.. i have psd files of them..

I know who sended the report,and really all i can do is laugh about this..
Its ridiculous!

June 1, 2009

Sweet Lemon Dress *Dollarbie*

I have a new Dollarbie for you all!
Its my new Sweet Lemon Dress, comes with Shirt, Long Panties, glowing Skirt and a Ribbon attachted on Spine ..

Just TP to my
Mainstore and gab it!

Groooup Gift!

I have a new Group Gift!

Lost Doll Dress, it comes with two corset options..
Simply Join the WEiRD.DESiGNS Group and look in the notices..

Or visit my Mainstore and touch the Group inviter :
Tp to the .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. Mainstore